About Anchor Paper

Based in St. Paul, Minnesota, Anchor Paper is an independently owned wholesale distributor of Fine Printing Paper, Packaging Machines and Supplies, Industrial Products, Janitorial Supplies and Seed Germination Paper and Supplies. Our product lines are designed to fill all your printing, packaging and industrial needs.


Environmental Policy Statement

As business partners in a global community, Anchor Paper Company needs to act in an environmentally responsible way; both in the products and services we offer to our customers, and in the carbon footprint we leave in our business locale.

Although we are not a manufacturer, we have identified many steps that we can and have taken to minimize our carbon footprint, most of which have the added benefit of keeping our overhead down and correspond directly with best business practices.

We consider our environmental initiative to be ongoing and evolving as our business grows. We consider Anchor Paper Company to be good stewards of our environment but are always looking for ways to further this initiative.

Founded in 1923, Anchor is a distributor of fine printing and industrial papers and packaging materials. The company is incorporated in the State of Minnesota and is treated as a C Corporation under the Internal Revenue Code. Anchor is headquartered at 480 Broadway Street, St. Paul, MN 55101. The Company also operates Anchor Express retail stores in Plymouth and St. Paul, MN;a warehouse at 570 Pine Street, St. Paul, MN; and a warehouse/packagingconversion facility in Hudson, WI.