Glama Natural Envelopes

Glama Natural Envelopes

Glama Natural® is the most popular "naturally" translucent paper in North America. Glama Natural® has redefined the possible end uses for translucent papers. 

Glama Natural®, it's not just a flysheet... because you can fold, saddle-stitch, offset print, laser and monochrome and color inkjet print, perfect bind, die-cut, make envelopes, rubber stamp and do more than you ever thought possible with translucent papers.

A-2 250 per Box
A-2 250 per Box
Price: $37.70
A-7 250 / Box
A-7 250 per Box
Price: $57.10
#10 (500/box)
#10 500 per Box
Price: $103.98

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